I’m Noah Doersing, and I’m currently in-between studying media informatics in Tübingen and finding a grown-up job (hit me up if you’ve got one to spare!). I sometimes tweet, work on various open-source projects, take pictures on my phone and less frequently with proper cameras, or listen to music.

Want to get in touch? Feel free to tweet at me or send me an email.


This Jekyll blog was most recently updated on December 15, 2019. It is hosted on Uberspace and its source code is available on GitHub. Headlines are set in Montserrat, code is displayed in Fira Code and everything else uses the Asap font – except for math, which is displayed using MathJax and configured to use the TeX Gyre Pagella font. Bigfoot helps make footnotes easy to use.

If you’ve come across an error in a post (even if it’s only a typo), please let me know, preferably by filing an issue or sending a pull request (in which case you’ll be listed as a contributor).

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